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Approachable, realistic and practical risk management strategies for your business operations and special event solutions.      

Finding time to manage your safety and risk management program is hard, we're here to help by providing realistic strategies to the needs for your specific business environment. Working together, we will develop solutions to assist you and your team with risk management, event safety & logistics and training initiatives.


What is Front Door Business Solutions?

The ‘Front Door’ of your business or organization is the gateway to your success. It's a valuable interpretation of the way you go about your work each and every day. The ‘Front Door’ needs to be welcoming and confident. The ‘Front Door’ is also a metaphor in which we identify how everyone interacts with your business or facility. How your employees are greeted each day, the vendors you rely on and of course the customers you strive to support each time they engage with your organization. The ‘Front Door’ may be a loading dock for a vendor, it may be a patio or a front lobby as you welcome guests.  How we welcome everyone at our ‘Front Door,’ directed and with purpose, demonstrates confidence as it relates to the safety & security across your organization.

The goal is to provide operational strategies that focus on

one or more of our 'three pillars.'

Risk Management

A comprehensive and strategic business practice that includes the process of prevention, protection, preparedness, readiness, mitigation, response, continuity and recovery from undesirable and disruptive events. The goal is to provide strategies to present a posture that demonstrates a dedication to the safety & security of your guests, employees, vendors and community members.

Event Safety and Logistics

After decades of experience in the coordination, planning and execution of special events, we have developed systems to assist organizations at all stages of event planning and execution. Our goal is to provide solutions that meet the needs of both your employees and your guests, providing exemplary customer service, maintain business efficiency while providing everyone with a safe and secure experience.

Training and Team Development

Through repetition, team development and driven confidence, your team will perform without hesitation when presented with an emergency or crisis. The goal is to empower your team with techniques that will provide them with the skill set to react quickly and with a directed purpose to mitigate the current condition they are faced with. These situations are dynamic and can emerge at any moment.



Who is Front Door Business Solutions?

Chris Casa, MS, CPP, CSSP

Over the past two decades, Chris has dedicated much of his professional career to the sports, entertainment and hospitality sector, focusing his work on risk management, event safety & logistics and training. Through this work, Chris has had the opportunity to collaborate, plan and execute complex business operations and high visibility special events, intentional on a system that involves all stakeholders to drive success. Providing a customer focused operation and special event, while maintaining the safety & security of all involved, employees, customers, vendors and the community.

  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

  • Certified Sports Security Professional (CSSP)

  • Certified Department of Homeland Security (DHS) & Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Instructor

Image 3-4-24 at 3.27 PM.jpeg


  • Variety of venues, stadiums & facilities (size, complexity, function)

  • Variety of large scale sporting events & competition (NCAA, scholastic, youth)

  • Concerts, festivals & performing arts

  • Convention/conference center operations

  • Endurance events

  • Dignitary/high profile visits

  • Parades, 'game watch' parties & other outdoor gatherings & events

  • Hotel & restaurant operations

  • Brewery operations

  • Places of worship

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Traffic and parking: planning & execution

  • Commencement & award ceremony related activities

  • Camps/parks/seasonal environments

  • Construction/renovation safety & security assessments & evaluations

  • Policy review, development & implementation

Who we collaborate with:

  • Sports

  • Entertainment

  • Hospitality

  • Variety of private business organizations & entities

  • Health care

  • Retail

  • State & local government

  • Places of worship

  • School districts

  • College & universities

  • Event management professionals



“Front Door Business Solutions is the real deal! Chris' experience is incredible and translates to any industry. We host many large events at Trophy Brewing and have gained new confidence and comfort in being prepared to host them more thoughtfully and safely. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone hosting or managing any type of gathering engage with Front Door Business Solutions”

Woody Lockwood; Co-owner
Trophy Brewing Company, Raleigh, NC




Let’s Work Together


Our goal is to incorporate emergency management principles into the great work you and your team does every day. We can engage with your executive team and determine the priorities as it relates to the safety and security practices of your organization. We can conduct a ‘walk-through’ safety and security assessment of the selected business practice(s) and/or planned special event that you want to focus on.

  • Let’s chat! Tell us a bit about your organization, and we'll fill you in on how we may be able to assist.

  • Let’s meet and do a ‘walk-through' of your business operation(s).

  • Conduct a risk assessment for a particular business operation or special event.

  • Develop and execute a training opportunity for your team.


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Thanks for reaching out!

Trophy Brewing Company; Raleigh, NC - 'Run for Love' after party
Burial Beer Company; Raleigh, NC - Training delivery with the 'Raleigh' team, awesome location at Transfer Co. Food Hall
Training & team development
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